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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for Shroud of the Avatar. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Getting started

New avatars, or player characters, enter the game world with only their names and genders chosen. As a ghost, they will meet Arabella in the Isle of Storms, who will explain the situation.

Follow the path past Arabella to reach a magic mirror, where the avatar's appearance can be created, after which the avatar will take on human form. Continuing on down the path will lead the avatar to the Oracle Conservatory. Inside, the avatar's starting path will be determined, either by the avatar's answers to the Oracle's questions, or by the avatar's explicit choice.

  • The Path of Courage is chosen if the avatar selects two of the "Courageously" answers or settles on the "fighter" option afterwards.
  • The Path of Love is chosen if the avatar selects two of the "Lovingly" answers or settles on the "ranger" option afterwards.
  • The Path of Truth is chosen if the avatar selects two of the "Truthfully" answers or settles on the "mage" option afterwards.

Once the avatar is set his or her starting path, all that is left to do in the Isle of Storms is continue down to path to the Lunar Rift and teleport to New Britannia.

The Path of Courage: Battle of Highvale

Main article: Battle of Highvale

The avatar emerges into New Britannia just outside a burning village with a wounded man ahead. The avatar should speak to him and agree to his request, and he should turn over a key to the Highvale gate. It is now time to leave Highvale, though ironically this requires first entering the village. Continue past the wounded man down the stairs and follow the path to a training field, where the avatar can acquire a sword, which will be useful before long. The avatar should then continue north and talk to Edvard the Wanderer.

It is possible to open the gate and continue on immediately, but there are two optional tasks here for avatars who are more thorough: Follow Samael, which starts by telling the healer to the north about Gawain; and Find word of Nena's charges, which starts by finding another wounded knight to the east of the gate. Once the avatar is done with Highvale, the gate is opened by using the key Gawain supplied. Elf Patroller enemies are, well, patrolling outside. The avatar should use the Z key to draw his or her sword and attack, clearing a path west while using the Thrust skill on an enemy and looting a fallen foe. Upon reaching Floyd, talk to him to leave when ready.

The Path of Love: Battle of Solace Bridge

The avatar emerges into New Britannia within the courtyard of a stronghold where buildings on both sides are aflame. Avatars can explore the tavern to the east through the south door for a variety of items, but should definitely enter the building to the west and go upstairs to meet Charlotte Gray. Avatars should then leave the building, having decided whether or not to help Charlotte, and pick up the bow along the way to the gate. The dead guard near the gate lever has the gate key, and once acquired, the avatar can open the gate by operating the lever. Edvard the Wanderer will be just outside. After speaking to him, avatars should use the Z key to ready their bow and fight their way across the bridge with Edvard's help, using the Aimed Shot skill and looting a fallen foe along the way. Follow Edvard upon reaching the other side of the bridge and speak with him again. When ready, take the boat to continue on.

The Path of Truth: Blood River Massacre

Main article: Blood River Massacre

The avatar emerges into New Britannia on a burning dock surrounded by human and elven bodies. The building to the right contains a letter that offers a little insight on elven culture, but is optional. From the dock, proceed up the stairs to meet Robert Villines. Accepting his offer is recommended. Continue east from their to stables, outside of which are a variety of weapons. Return to the central north-south road running through the village and head north to the next intersection, where the Explore the village elder's house task should trigger. Optionally talk to Fingers Slate. Then explore the house to the northeast and obtain the dagger from the dresser in the back. Exit the house and return to the intersection. Optionally collect loot and search the village before continuing on, but note there is a lot of basic loot here, and the avatar will be encumbered by trying to carry it all. When done, head to the west of the central west-east road to meet Edvard the Wanderer, who will provide the key to open the gate. One outside, use the Z key to ready your sword and fight across the bridge. When done, talk with Robert, who will lead you to a boat the avatar can use to continue on.

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